Since releasing the ‘Mbakooye‘ song, Eddy Kenzo says that he has received several threats from different people claiming that it could lead to the end of his successful career.

Eddy Kenzo has been one the most vocal celebrities in the fight for Bobi Wine’s freedom. He released a song titled ‘Mbakooye’, a song in which he expresses his dissatisfaction with governments oppression and current political situation in the country.

Eddy Kenzo

The song was released to add his voice to the #FreeBobiWine campaign as artistes united to ensure that their comrade was released from jail where he was detained on treason charges since 13th August.

Eddy Kenzo now reveals that he has received different threats from people coming into his inbox claiming that he could have made the biggest mistake of his life and that it could lead to the end of his career.

The Big Talent CEO however is not moved by the threats and indicates that he is not regretful of his decisions because if he had not sang about the situation he would have died of depression.

He also believes that the ten years he has survived in the music industry are enough and if his career stopped today, he would be satisfied with what he has achieved.

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