Team No Sleep singer Roden Y Kabako has also had his say about what happened to fellow musician Bebe Cool last Friday.

The ‘Bano Bano‘ singer thinks the raggae and ragga star should just hold a presser and apologize to the public.

Bebe being forced off stage by security officers

If I was Bebe Cool would just go to my phone contacts and call journalists for a press conference and apologize to the public, 

Roden Y kabako 

During the concert, as soon as Bebe Cool took to stage, revelers started shouting ‘vaayo, vaayo'( go way), calls that the adamant musician ignored forcing revelers to hurl at him bottles containing urine and polythene bags with feces. Whereas others took out their plastic chairs and threw them at the singer.

Bebe cool trying to resist from going off stage

 This forced the organizers to switch off the lights and his mic. However he refused to leave stage and stretched out his hands as he invited the angry revelers who were chanting the ‘People Power’ slogan to continue assaulting him as they willingly obliged until he was forcefully dragged away from stage.

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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