Ykee Benda.

Singer Ykee Benda who has had an opportunity to transverse most of the countries in Europe has again put his travelling experience at work in dissecting Geosteady’s USA missing story.

Earlier today, Black Man Entertainment record lebel CEO George William Kigozi a.k.a Geosteady who has been on the music tour in the United States of America was reportedly missing through his social media platforms by his Management. 

Missing Geosteady
Missing Geosteady

According to the statement released by Geosteady’s record label Blackman Entertainment, the singer was last seen downtown Baltimore on Tuesday 4th September at 4pm a thing that has created mixed feelings in his management that he could have gotten lost.

Well according to his fellow Singer Ykee Benda who by the way took himself to Russia and came back safely after the world cup final has dismissed all these claims calling it a stunt.

Singer Ykee Benda In Russia

Through his tweeter handle, the Amina hit maker went ahead to say that people have stated Kidnapping themselves.

Here is what he tweeted;

Well, Ykee Benda’s timing for his tweet can’t just be a coincidence but most probably a punch to his missing fellow musician and by the way who are we to disagree with a guy that took himself to Russia, saw Pogba score in a final, controlled his excitement and brought himself back ?

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