Credit: Bebe Cool

Days after the unfortunate incident that happened to Bebe Cool during the Tarrus Riley show, he showed public face by aiding children who have heart problems to seek further treatment from India.

However this came days after Bebe Cool announced that he won’t be making any more public appearances for the safety of his family and his fans as well.

During the charity appearance at the airport, Bebe Cool came out and condemned people who threw plastic bottles and other material unto him whilst on stage.

He further asked fans to attack the NRM as a party and not Museveni because whoever so does, he will ‘die’ with them.

In another twist of events, Bebe Cool went ahead to attack Bobi Wine and the people power movement as well as telling fans that the stage performance monies helps their impoverished children just like those who are set to go for treatment in India.

Watch full video below:

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