For those close to singer Hanson Baliruno know him as a humble and caring man who also loves fresh talent.

Baliruno and his management team are in a process of lending a hand and extend their forever giving hearts to a young and talented male actor who impressed them during their ‘Saala Za Maama‘ video shoot as they look towards footing some of his school dues.

Baliruno under a shade chilling

Stars Empire mighty look into his education the management was touched,

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At the start of the video shoot, the ‘Titanic‘ singer surely expressed that he had no faith in the young blood as he thought that he would not pull out what he really desired.

However as the video shoot went on the little boy stunned the onlookers as he left them wowed after showcasing class and skill in acting.

So when Hanson comes up with the final decision we will keep you posted as of now is yet undecided.


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