Singer Kalifah Aganaga has faced it rough after angry fans responded with negative comments over his new song ‘Crocodile.

Actually the song is hitting so hard at fellow musician A Pass  who is rumored to be beefing him.

When the two lock horns 

On listening to the song lyrics, it has got a lot of obscene words that we can not write here. Before one goes on to download and listen to the song he captioned  it saying,

This is not suitable for persons under the age of 18, parental guidance is advised. 18+

Aganaga captioned the post

This has, however, forced some of his followers to furiously hit back at him, with some calling out loud the ethics and integrity minister Fr Simon Lokodo to check into the matter.

Below are some of the comments that Aganaga has received for his obscene ‘crocodile’ song.

@Juma George said,”This Aganaga is reducing himself to a village nrm supporter who can be bribed with just a packet of salt, just love your music but your now taking a wrong way”.

@Steven Billy jotted as, “Next time we see u around bottles will talk… ggwe wemula ate don’t call us hooligans”.

@Asiimwe Philip wrote, “Do we still have the word Vulgar in our Ugandan setting ?? Really, or some section should be vulgar in society and another one shouldn’t? Double standards, hypocrisy, intolerance and stupidity”.

@Shama Yrn commented,”Oli looser mwana. Wagwaamu, you have now started becoming valgar. That makes you sink the more. Respect your self man.

@Emperar Bismarck also expressed his bitterness as he wrote as follows, 

“You are turning mad my dear brother…. I have been liking your art since you came in the industry. Y turning your music into a beef music… Don’t go insane brother … This is shit”.

As of late Aganaga is having a hit song with Jose Chameleone titled ‘Kiboko’ that is doing well in the music industry and many believe he had no reason to do such a song but only to cause more harm than good.

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