When singer Desire Luzinda turned born again christian many thought that she was to going to concentrate entirely on gospel music only. 

However, during an interview the ‘Ekitone’ singer revealed that she will be doing both gospel and love songs to keep her music career alive.

When Desire was about to break down to tears

Am going to keep doing a mixture of both love and gospel music as salvation is personal

Desire replied to a question

While doing the interview, at a certain point Desire wept as she could not believe that it was herself doing the ugly deeds she pulled during her secular music career.

Desire cleans away tears during an interview

Nonetheless we are not yet certain whether she will not be performing her old songs when booked at secular events as she also revealed that she is working on a gospel album.

She also assured her fans how she is single, contented and not searching any more as those looking to vibe her to first chill.

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