Since dancehall ragga muffin Sizza Man set his feet in Kampala city he has been up and down. Apparently he has started from where he left as he is in studio working on his latest single ‘Hedex‘.

Lyric wise, the self-proclaimed dancehall Diktionary is still rich. In his latest song he indirectly exposes government weakness and the continuous empty promises they keep on making to the ghetto youth and communities.

Sizza and Eno Beats working on a song

From the spoiler alert point of view, the song flows as just exactly as his last hit ‘Angela‘ he had a few years back before he vanished off of the music scene.

The new jam will probably give him a short lived come back to the showbiz game until he finds his peak again.

The song is being worked on by producer Eno Beats as the main brains behind its audio and we all know his magic as he needs no introduction.

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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