Amooti buys Bebe Cool two helmets to wear during stage performances

While appearing on a local television comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi cracked viewers ribs when he displayed two helmets he had bought for singer Bebe Cool.

Amooti real name Allan Mujuni, revealed that he bought the helmets for the ‘Up and Whine’ singer to wear during stage performances so that he can protect his head when fans start to pelt bottles at him.

Amooti displays the helmets

I have bought for you two helmets to wear during performances. In fact one is for you and the other for your bouncer

Amooti stressed

Having displayed the helmets, Amooti went on to advise that the Gagamel CEO to come out of his hideouts and start performances since he is now safe as he was only lacking helmets for protection.

I also heard that Bebe Cool indefinitely suspended all his public performances but that’s not good, okay, with now the helmets bought you should resume with your aborted performances as we love you 

He added

Omubalanguzi furthermore noted that all those who hurled bottles at Bebe where not really his sworn enemies but rather his Gagamel fans and best friends who saw him take a wrong route.

So in the process they just wanted to redirect him to the right path he should take next time and that is the lesson he needs to learn.

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