At a time when Kenyan men were increasingly getting excited by Samantha the sex doll, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered for them to be set ablaze among other sex toys and substandard items.

Samantha, the sex doll is a sex doll with artificial artificial intelligence specially made to please men’s sexual desires. The dolls can be stimulated, are interactive, and they respond to voices as well as to touch.

Samantha The Doll

President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered for the destruction of the contraband which incuded fourteen packages of sex toys, vibrators, porno videos worth millions of shillings, substandard condoms, and several Samantha dolls.

Most women in Nairobi were starting to complain about the Samantha craze that had taken over their men who had started embracing the trend.

The crowd that attended the function was excited and most of the men demanded that the sex toys are uncovered so that they could see everything. A one Kenya Revenue Authority official said they would not do that because the president was presiding over the function.

“The sex toys had to be covered because it is not prudent to display such goods in public, especially given that the function was being presided over by the president.”

KRA official

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