Kampala minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya’s daughter identified as Unior Tendo Kamya Nabalawanyi, has been allegedly exposed as a gay practitioner.

The information about her daughter Tendo Kamya was leaked reportedly after she accused Kyadondo East lawmaker Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of being backed up by the gay community in all his struggles.

The alleged Tendo Kamya

The Kampala minister allegedly made the statements while appearing on a local radio station on Saturday during a political talk show.

(Bobi Wine musiyazi) loosely translated as Bobi Wine is a gay. (Olw’okuba yasibako ku nviiri kati abasiyazi bamutekamu ssente) also meaning that since he once plaited his hair now their funding all his activities

Betty Kamya was quoted saying so

The above comments went deep into the nerves of the ‘People Power’ slogan followers which forced them to expose all the evidence about the minister’s’ daughter revealing how she has been actively involved gay deeds.

However on checking the revealed Facebook account it seemed as every information about had been pulled down.

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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