The couple has two beautiful daughters and the bond between them only seems to grow stronger each year. Wahu Kagwi and David Mathenge a.k.a Nameless celebrate 13 years in marriage today (10th September).

Thirteen years in marriage is a dream for many young couples. Not many make it past the first year after tying the knot, some even fail to make mere months in marriage.

There are several challenges and problems experienced in different ordinary marriages and you can only imagine what it is for a celebrity couple. Every day is a challenge, every move must be calculated.

With various women dying to have a piece of Nameless, he must face it hard in reacting to their gestures because sometimes it might come off rude to chase them away. You might lose a staunch fan in the process. So how has he handled those situations? That is a story for another day entirely.

Wahu Kagwi on the other side has always been a favorite for many male fans not just for her music but her hot looks. The songstress has surely faced challenging situations as well involving fans.

So, how have the two managed to stay together for thirteen years?

Not so long ago, the celebrity couple that walked down the isle on 10th September 2005 almost lost years of hard work and togetherness. Claims of infidelity, among other accusations were spread like wildfire by media but they somehow stuck together through the tide.

With the stardom surrounding them, such moments should never come off as a surprise however the two have kept it together despite all and today they celebrate the work put in towards that.

Nameless shared a sweet message for his wife to celebrate the milestone. Read it below;

CONGRATULATIONS to the family!

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