Well,  we can all agree that the Born To Conquer (B2C) concert last Friday was massive and it sold out.

For  those who missed out, you missed to witness the highlight of the show as singer Tip Swizzy pants tore apart.

Tip Swizzy during a video shoot  but in the attire that got ripped apart on stage

The ‘Squat Stand’ singer who was clad in a blue kitenge attire got his shot pants rip apart leaving his family manufacturing machine exposed to whoever cared to see.

However, this did not stop him from going on with his stage performances until he got done. 

Actually he did not have a great performance but once his pants neglected him this sparked wild ululations from the crowd most especially the slay queens whom had flocked the Freedom City event.

Below is the video clip when Tip Swizzy pants tore apart

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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