Yes! We can now get it why singer Geosteady Blackman faked his kidnap in America. This comes after soft-spoken musician Chris Evans Kaweesi revealed how America is everyone’s dream land to stay in.

While having a close and personal jazz with the ‘Ndikusasulaki’ singer since he is also just back from the Ugandan North America Association (UNAA) Convention and Trade Business Expo, he expressed how unbelievable America is so sweet and soft to live in.

Chris Evans sandwiched by Ugandan beautiful babes in America

America is too sweet and soft to stay in. The other guys are way ten thousand times better than us . The things we are struggling to get here for them are the everyday things that they have.

Chris Evans expressed while smiling 

Kaweesi also revealed to us that once music fails here he will quietly pack his bags and all his belongings and head to USA to look for greener pastures.

We are not so much certain what job will he be doing but the way he praised how taxi drivers earn in America it simply revealed that maybe his work when relocates.

When babes couldn’t let go of Evans as he also enjoyed a foursome

The ‘Mulungi’ singer furthermore stressed that the taxi drivers in USA  even earn more than musicians in Uganda something that may for him to relocated soon.

During his stay in America for the convention, Kaweesi jokingly posted a video clip on his Facebook account saying how President Donald Trump had invited some few of them to have a cup of coffee at the White House.

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