City model identified as Alicia Nassolo has vowed to deal ruthlessly with anyone questioning her about Jamaican-American superstar Tarrus Riley .

Nassolo, who also at times doubles as a video vixen, through an interview stressed that she is totally fade up of journalists and people who are over asking her about her relationship with ragga and reggae star Tarrus. 

Alicia Nassolo and Tarrus Riley

During the interview, a seemingly bitter sounding Nassolo expressed that she will vulgarly abuse all those trying to create and rotate around the Tarrus issues.

For anyone who tempers to ask me about Mr Tarrus be ready and aware that I will vulgarly abuse you. Have been getting a number of phone calls but all just asking me about Tarrus. Now am fade up, so watch out.   

Nassolo roared

This arose after social media was awash with the city models snaps getting cozy with the Jamaican born star when he came to Uganda for the Swangz Avenue All-Star Concert last month.

Nassolo and Tarrus cut a smiling pose

Earlier on it was rumored that Nassolo’s relationship with Tarrus had hit to the next level as the singer was opting to board a flight with the city model to America but she was cut short as she did not have the required documents for traveling.

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