Bebe Cool Denies Spearheading the ‘Museveni 1M Bazukulu’ March

If there is one thing you will love to hate about Bebe Cool, then it is surely his honesty. The singer who just recently got humiliated for his political views denies spearheading the upcoming M7’s 1M Bazzukulu March.

You will insult, boycott his music, and even turn violent against Bebe Cool, but he will not change his views and ideology as regards which political leader he rallies behind.

President Museveni it is for him, now and forever – maybe!

A few individuals however are using that to their advantage by including Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool on a poster as a spearhead in the forthcoming M7’s 1M Bazzukulu March.

The poster announcing the march that is poised to take place on 27th September 2018 from the NRM Secretariat to Kololo shows Bebe Cool as the ‘Chief Walker’.

The self-styled Big Size however denies having any information about the intended march and also tries to figure out why anyone would want to come up with such a march. He believes it is a propaganda game intended to show that “the NRM has no BAZUKULU/SUPPORT.”

Going by the Bebe Cool we have known for many years, is he falling to the pressure recently exerted on him by People Power fans by distancing himself from NRM activities? Or is it just a fake made up event to drag his name in controversy?

Whatever it is, Big Size will not be part of the event. BEWARE!

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