You probably did not see this coming but yes, singer A Pass believes that fellow singer Bebe Cool has added a significant contribution to his music career over the years.

Despite the social media wars, a couple of artistes hold high regard for each other behind the scenes. It is the mutual respect between them that has helped them support each other in in many ways.

A Pass and Bebe Cool have been friends for a while until lately when they started poking each other on social media. From one person calling the other a goat to the latter celebrating the earlier’s mishaps, there has been a belief that these two artistes actually hate each other.

Bebe Cool and the goat he named ‘A Pass’

Well, we cannot certify that. What we do know now is that A Pass does have respect for Bebe Cool.

The ‘Didadada’ singer, while replying to one of his tweet sessions, was asked if Bebe Cool contributed to the music personality he is today. A Pass’ reply will shock a few of you;

So how about the bickering? Does it stop now?

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