It is fast how years go by. The baby we all loved to see being held in Jose Chameleone’s arms, Abba Marcus Mayanja, is now thirteen years old and he has a lot to be grateful for.

Father and Son: Abba Marcus and Jose Chameleone

Today, 14th September 2018, Abba Marcus Mayanja is celebrating his thirteenth birthday. The son to celebrity couple Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone and Atim Daniella Mayanja is finally in the teens club.

For a thirteen year old, Abba Marcus Mayanja has achieved so much to his name that most people only dream about. Could it be because of his celebrity parents? Well, we know many children born by even bigger celebrities but with nothing to show for themselves.

Champion: Abba has won numerous medals for the country at his young age.

How then has Abba Marcus made it at such a young age?

Talent and HARD WORK! If you have had a chance of interacting with Abba, you will know what a wonderful personality he is. Beyond his always smiley face lies great talents and loads of hard work. Add that to his ever supportive parents and have the equation solved.

A swimmer, singer, songwriter, beat maker, footballer, gymnast, and aspiring boxer, Abba Marcus only has himself in his journey to greatness. His parents have been supportive of whatever he chooses to do and it will only be a matter of time before he decides upon which of the above should be the priority to spring him onto the table of men.

Is he growing faster than his age suggests? Talent-wise, maybe. But he is the child that plays with his siblings, goes out with his friends, and obeys when his parents speak. A normal child with exceptional abilities.

Abba playing with his youngest sister Xara Amani as Daniella watches on

Maybe Uganda can even be prouder of him in a few years to come.


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