Struggling Uga Luga-flow rapper Gravity Omutujju has come out and apologized to fellow rapper Navio following his ‘Black Panther‘ diss song.

In his ‘Black Panther’ song which was a reply to ‘Who Is Who’, Gravity in his usual rap trademark fast rough style was so quick to attack Navio as he dissed him that at his age he still receives support from his mother. 

Black Panther by Gravity

In the song he did not only rip apart Navio, no. He also bundled up GNL Zamba and Babaluku.

When he attacked Zamba he simply had little diss about him as he only hinted that he ran to Europe in fear of stiff competition. For Babaluku he only knows how to teach youths how to get married to whites and after steal their property and money.

But it always came to Navio he unleashed the real black panther in him as said that even getting a child and getting married if it was not the support of his mother the dude would have not done anything.

Navio at his Introduction Ceremony

Am here to ask forgiveness from Navio as the ‘Black Panther’ song was just joke. That is why I even didn’t go on to shoot a video for the song. If you got pissed am very sorry Navio.


According to close sources it seems Gravity is feeling the pressure and heat as his nearing and needs all the support from fellow rappers.

However, when tried to reach Navio for a comment he was not available but when we get to him we will keep in the know.

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