The Mayanja family

One of Uganda’s most celebrated and widely admired couple of singer Jose Chameleone and wife Daniella Mayanja Atim  has just been reported to have parted company.

This follows a Facebook post on singer Jose Chameleone’s official social account where he wrote starting with everything comes to an end!

The Mayanjas

He went on to express how he failed at times, how God loved and blessed them as a family through thick and thin, and he eventually came to his conclusion saying enough is enough as everyone needs to live beyond their egos!

Therefore we bring you some of the public reactions about the artistes break up and how it has affected their fans and followers all over that we scrolled through.

Dan Delion: commented saying the journey continues, “ALuta Continua. Life goes on. Nothing lasts forever as eventually things fall a part..Be the good father of your kids that’s enough bruh”.

Kyomugisha Paula : “Whatever bad things you’re doing to her stop, coz I know your  in disciplined Karamagi’s blood can’t give you peace. Apologies and make it up to his family”, she wrote

Mava Mao Albve : “Hey guys Jose Chameleone meant he is done with his in producing kids not breaking up…Like any family can have a limit on producing many children”, he jokingly also commented.

Jackson Ndyanabanawe : He first questioned whether Chameleone was in his right senses before he added on, ” Jose Chameleone are you in your right senses. I swear you must have been bewitched. How can you separate with the lady that bared you more than two children.Where do you want her to go, after utilizing her to an old lady. Put down your lust men. Even God won’t for give you on this”

Pascal Lavish :  he advised Chameleone not put his family affairs in public, “Chameleone; am not going to say much. Stop putting your issues on social media. Be a man and solve your problems. Useless you’re searching for public sympathy” .

Sumaya L Kiryowa : “Stop ur comedy attention seeker. Danielle has done this several times. Tukimanya wagwa but try other things kanao kagaanye, your done so many things to seek attention plus undressing your wife”, she wrote.

Uwachgiu Richard Mundukuru : “Don’t expose your filth on social media, there so many who have marriage problems but a quiet. Be a man and style up” , he advised.

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