A joyous and excited Ryan Banina the singing duo of The Baninas expressed that he is currently living the dream of his childhood.

Ryan, who is the other singing partner of Joe Banina revealed this through a social media post as he stressed that for long he was an admirer of RnB musicians and believed that one day he could also become one.

Ryan and Joe Banina posing for a pic

Music has been a long time dream.. I have been a long time admirer of RnB musicians and always believed I’d be one too… Despite all the diversions, my dream never died and here I am now…Living my dream. Never underestimate the power dreams backed by prayer


Apparently as you read this, there is no doubt about the fact that duo have already got some good songs to their name, and in a few days time they will be releasing their latest video shot from Paris, France where they are as of current.

The duo are known for songs such as; ‘Body Language’, ‘Win anything’, among other songs. The two are also known for fashion designing as they own a boutique that deals in both men and women attires

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