In-form singer Hajjara Namukwaya Diana, better known as Spice Diana, revealed that she met a student who wrote her ‘Ndimulove‘ lyrics in exams.

While performing at an event on Saturday, at Lugogo Hockey grounds, Spice called the yet identified girl’s name on stage to sing any of her songs, and surprising the student sang word-for-word of her ‘Ndimulove’ song something that took her breath away.

Spice Diana working the crowds at the Fly UG event Lugogo

So, after performing Spice met the girl backstage where the two had a little chat. Here the girl narrated to Spice how she got punished and laughed at in class and on school assembly when she wrote the lyrics of her song in examinations as answers.

The girls story sounded weird and untrue to Spice but when she closely looked in her eyes she believed the young girls story. 

Spice Diana runs fans crazy

From that point we have not yet known what the two concluded on but as we have seen  Spice throughout this year, we will not be surprised to hear a collaboration between the two or a song soon about the girls story.

Anyway congs Spice for such a memorable story that you will leave tell your bazukulu!

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