Faded singer Buchaman believes his long time ally who turned Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has got whatever it takes to be the President of Uganda.

The ‘Lwaki Ttemumatira’ hit star made the remarks over the weekend following  an interview over his new formed association with other outdated musicians like Henry Tigan that encourages youths to step out of politics. 

Buchaman on stage

According to Buchaman, the ‘Kyarenga’ star singer is still very youthful, energetic enough and very intellectual upstairs as he concluded by saying when Bobi becomes president he will the vice president to.

Bobi Wine is a very intellectual person and is fit to be this country’s president. He needs no more introductions and explanations as his works speaks volumes for itself.


It is clearly remembered that the two were very good and close brothers until things turned sour in 2011 when Buchaman accused Bobi Wine of not paying him for his hard work.

posing for a pic

The last time we heard some good news between the two was when Bobi had reconsidered bringing Buchaman back to his camp and when his prayers come to life we think Buchaman will be elated to skies and back.

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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