Ykee Benda is excited about the verification of his Facebook page. That blue tick is something every celebrity needs on their social media platforms to help differentiate them from the several fake/pseudo accounts existing online.

For every trending celebrity, you will find numerous accounts in his names, bearing his images, some even constantly updating their information to appear similar to those ran by the actual celebrities.

Many times these accounts are created by passionate fans whose only intention is to support their celebrity in terms of creating content, pushing their image online, and promoting their music.

Ykee Benda

Some people however open up these account to use them in obtaining money from promoters, fans, and even the celebrity’s family members, pretending to be the actual celebrity.

It is to the above reasons, and others, that social media platforms provided the need to differentiate between pseudo accounts and the real accounts ran by these celebrities with the blue ticks.

A few Ugandan celebrities however own these verified accounts with some stating that it is a long process trying to obtain the verification. Others just never see the need to have their accounts verified.

Ykee Benda however just had his Facebook account verified and he is over the moon about it. He thanked his management for the job well done in trying to have his celebrity status verified by Facebook.

Congratulations Ykee!

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