Despite his Wednesday ‘The Comic‘ show quickly gaining popularity, Patrick Salvado might have a bit of cleaning to do with his image after songstress Naava Grey exposed his unprofessional ways.

A lot happens behind closed doors in the Ugandan entertainment industry. Most things that happen never make it onto the public scene but artistes go through a lot because of their fame.

One of the scenarios that has thrown artistes in trouble with their fans is failing to turn up at different shows where they are advertised to perform. Usually it is hard for these artistes to explain the truth behind it all as promoters/organizers of these shows usually use the artistes’ names without their consent.

On Wednesday 19th September 2018, ‘The Comic’ comedy show that happens at Silver Springs Bugolobi had Naava Grey on its lineup. The songstress was lined up to perform with Allan Toniks at Salvado’s comedy show.


It was however a big shock to everyone when the ‘Soka Lami’ singer distanced herself from the show saying that nobody had contacted her before adding her to the list of performers at the event.

She went ahead to embarrass the show organizers through her social media where she claimed she was surprised to see her image on the poster even after informing the organizer that she would not be available on the stated date.

Well, we hope the issue was later rectified and both parties are in good terms.

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