While on his tour in the diaspora, Jose Chameleone has warned his fans and followers against falling prey to fake promoters’ who use his name and images on posters for concerts he is not aware about.

As artistes put in too much hard work, time, and investments in terms of finances, there are other people on the other end that also look forward to earning from the their reputation.

It is not a bad way to earn from any singer’s image, or music, but it should be done with their consent and after both parties sitting on a round table and agreeing.

Amidst Chameleone’s music tour in the diaspora, an events company added him to their poster that indicated he was to perform in Boston on September 21st at Drip Lounge alongside Irene Ntale.

All this was however done without Chameleone’s consent and he distanced himself from the show calling it fake and only a way of some people using his name in favor of their businesses. He urged his supporters not to be conned by such promoters and that he will not be performing there.

Jose Chameleone is no stranger to such scenarios as his name has in the past been used by music promoters without his consent only to reach the day of the concert and he is nowhere to be seen.

Usually, the revelers end up vandalizing equipment at the venue and the artiste’s reputation is damaged as well.

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