Singer Geosteady Blackman responded to singer Ykee Benda‘ remarks about his alleged self kidnap comments he made on his twitter account.

A few weeks back while in US for the UNAA Convention, Geosteady was reported having gone missing in the city of Baltimore and a long letter in  search of the ‘Owooma’ singer was posted on social media platforms by his management team in attempts to look for him.

Ykee Benda’s tweet read 

Eventually after few hours the singer resurfaced on social media posting pictures of him self without explaining about his alleged kidnap.

This tempted Ykee Benda to jump in with his own opinion suggesting that Geosteady had kidnapped himself whereas concluding with a mockery statement that stressed that is how funny the showbiz business can be.

So, when Geosteady was chanced with an opportunity to react to Ykee’s comments, the ‘Tokendeza’ hit star had no kind words for him but only to belittle the Kireka Boy.


Am way mature than Ykee Benda and he is not my competitor. He is actually a little boys who likes to jump on trending comments on social media

Geosteady stated

He went ahead and thanked him for acknowledging the post as he also revealed that his competitors are way much older than Ykee Benda .

When asked whether the two have some bad blood boiling, Geosteady denied as he wrapped up saying that he has no problem with the ‘Amina’ singer.

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