Well, without any doubt singer Geosteady needs no introduction in Uganda’s showbiz industry. 

Geosteady, born George William Kigozi, is a song writer, an audio producer, and an award winning artiste who quickly captured the hearts of millions of Ugandan music lovers.

Geosteady and Lydia Jazmine during his concert

Since Geosteady will be our celebrity guest today on the Podium, we can gladly inform you that the ‘Same Way’ singer is a bright hope for Ugandan music future, and one of those artistes who are making good names for our country both locally and internationally, expect that last stunt of his disappearing in the US.

Geosteady hit Uganda’s entertainment scene running almost six years back with a cover song titled ‘Viola’ and since then he has never looked back though that was not his maiden song as he had recorded some other songs back.

He eventually stamped his name to the list of Ugandan stars last year when he held his debut successful concert at Imperial Royale Hotel, located in the heart of Kampala just a week after self-proclaimed the King Herself, Cindy a dancehall singer had failed to gather half of the crowd she had expected .


During the show Geosteady was seen shedding some tears of joy as he could not handle the weight of his long hard-earned success where he performed over 20 songs on the night.

However he was not clear on whether the success had earned him the right to stage concerts every year as this year he will only be holding a dinner for his fans on 28 December. 

Geosteady working the crowd at Imperial Royal Hotel last year

Among all his songs that have kept him relevant in the industry, Geosteady says that ‘Tokendeza’ is his best song ever because he likes the lyrical content and thinks it was so mature than other songs that his fans have loved. He also adds to note that the song came from his heart and it’s rising so fast also shocked him. 

Still issues concerning his love life are still tricky as he is always caught up in break ups and reconciliations.

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