Ugandan songwriter Senyonga Fredrick a.k.a Blackskin is fed up of working for artistes who do not appreciate his works. He released a list of those that he feels are really unappreciative while asking for advice from his fans.

Song writing together with production are one of the most underrated, underappreciated, yet most crucial stages of any musical project. From the time an idea to do a song is generated to when it is released, song writers and producers usually do the most.

All that hard work put into the project yet the least gratitude to the important figures.

Most of the big hits in the music industry world over were songs written by someone else. Artistes add their voices to the properly arranged lyrics and beats and end up selling out concerts and album copies but how much do these songwriters earn from that?

Particularly, in Uganda, not much is earned in terms of money. This leaves their works at the hands of mere exposure in terms of mentions which should be given by the artistes who use their works.


According to Blackskin, even the exposure is not given back. The artistes actually even feel embarrassed to let the world know that the songs were written by someone else and end up saying they wrote these songs themselves, leaving the songwriters in that shadow.

Blackskin and Sheebah Karungi

It is for the above reason that Blackskin is opting to just concentrate on doing songs for artistes like Bebe Cool who appreciate his works and even go ahead to accord him the mentions for exposure, than writing songs for the likes of Sheebah Karungi, Jose Chameleone, Gravity Omutujju, and Spice Diana who he does not benefit from.

Blackskin is the writer behind mega hits like ‘Agenda Akuuse’, ‘Sitani Tonkema’, ‘Muwe’, ’32’, ‘Tokyayitaba’, ‘Nasimatuka X’, ‘Embuzzi Zakutudde’, ‘Ampalana’, ‘Tuzina Tulumya’, ‘Katono’, ‘Up and Wine, ‘Kimanazino’, ‘Tatizo’, among others.

What would you advise him?

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