Kyadondo East constituency lawmaker Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, yesterday pledged that he is ready to take care of his former slain driver Mr Yasin Kawuma’s family.

Mr Kawuma was shot dead on the eve of the violent Arua Municipality by-election that was won by Mr Kassiano Wadri by a landslide margin. 

Bobi babysitting Kawuma’s children

Bobi Wine made the promise as he had paid a courtesy visit to the family of Mr Kawuma before he went on to visit some of his other colleagues who are in hospitals nursing serious injuries they sustained during the violent Arua by-election.

I know the pain and difficulties that the family is undergoing. I will help with what I can but let the struggle continue 

Bobi said while visiting the widows in Lusanjja

The family also warmly welcomed him back from the US where he had gone to seek specialized treatment for injuries he says he sustained while in military detention.

Bobi Wine being  warmly welcomed

After visiting Kawuma’s widows in Kiteezi, Lusanjja in Wakiso district, Mr Kyagulanyi then headed to Lubaga and Mengo hospitals respectively to pay a visit to Mr Shaban Atiku, Ms Night Asara and Sauda Madaada where they are also receiving treatment following alleged torture by security agencies.

Ms Asara is said to have sustained injuries following reported nasty kicks from now suspended regional police commander Julius Musinguzi.

He then lastly checked on self-styled Sweet Pepsi who was saved by a journalist after being terribly beaten by soldiers as he was expressing his joy of welcoming back Bobi Wine where he also sustained nasty head injuries that got many worried about his health.

Bobi checks out on Sweet Pepsi at hospital

Apparently Sweet Pepsi has been the talk of social media with others reporting that he had succumbed to head injuries but luckily he is still alive.

Below is Bobi Wine’s statement as he wrote after checking out on his friends.

Today we visited the family of our fallen brother and comrade Yasin Kawuma in Kiteezi, Lusanja in Kyadondo East Constituency.
As we pray for him to continue resting in peace, may we work even harder and put an end to such senseless, extra-judicial killings of our people.

Later, I visited our comrades who were brutalized in Arua and are currently receiving treatment at Lubaga and Mengo hospitals. I was glad to note that despite their physical pain, comrades Atiku Shaban, Asara Night and Sauda Madaada are still devoted to the struggle for our nation’s freedom.

I also visited our brother ‘Sweet Pepsi’ who was beaten terribly by soldiers. Such an innocent man whose only crime was expressing his joy at my return! Together, we prayed that our nation sees better days in our lifetime.

We shall overcome.

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