Word reaching our gossip desk indicates that all is not well with singer Lydia Jazmine and her new management team despite the endless social media posts that reveal things to be running smooth.

According to our close sources, disclosed to us that Jazmine is not happy with the way how her manager  known as Denis Muganzi is pushing her music.

Lydia Jazmine having lunch with manager Denis

Reportedly the ‘You and Me’ singer was overheard saying that her manager is so slow in matters of pushing her brand to the next level.

Jazmine is said to be expecting her name to be sounding and working far way much better than it is apparently, but it is the other way round as compared to her expectations.

Jazmine and Denis Muganzi

A few days back Jazmine landed an ambassadorial deal with a mobile phone company Infinix something that made many think that all is well with in her camp plus the sweet posts that she continuously posts on her socials while heaping praise on her manager.

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