Local singer Lil Pazo was arrested shortly after storming the Spark TV studios looking for Zahara Totto and Anatalia Oze who he claims have made it a norm of spreading lies about him on their popular Live Wire show.

Probably not one of the most popular artistes in Uganda, but his songs ‘Genda Ogule Emotoka’ and ‘Emundu Evuge’ did dominate the airwaves for a while. Lil Pazo is a star in his own way and he is proud of the little fame he has achieved so far.

Lil Pazo

With fame comes many other things including being a regular figure in the gossip columns in the popular tabloids and a topic of discussion on entertainment shows.

That is exactly what the singer has been on the popular Live Wire show on Spark TV hosted by Zahara Totto and Anatalia Oze. To his dissatisfaction however, he has been the topic of discussion for all the wrong reasons and he does not like it.

Zahara Totto

For what the Live Wire crew has said about him. Lil Pazo decided to hit back in a verbal exchange on social media.

Lil Pazo appeared in a video saying quite a lot about the Spark TV presenter. Among those were allegations that Zahara Totto was caught trying to steal a wallet in a bar, her abusing drugs, how she is bumless and not attractive.

The singer has been at loggerheads with the Live Wire crew and he felt that the verbal attacks on social media were not passing on his reactions accurately so he visited the Spark TV offices at Serena Hotel.

He managed to get to where the crew hosts their daily show and expressed his dissatisfaction. Allegedly, he tried to engage in a physical fight with the TV presenters but the show producer was quick to react, calling in security to save the situation.

Lil Pazo being led out of Spark TV studios. (Credit: The Daily Monitor)

A visibly furious Lil Pazo was then dragged out of the studios and detained at Serena Hotel’s police station. He was later released however and it is not yet clear whether any charges were pressed against him.

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