At last, singer Chris Evans Kaweesi can afford a true smile on his face. As in a real smile and not a plastic one as he finally hunted down a fake Facebook impersonator. 

The arrested impersonator is identified as Ronald Mukasa, who is currently behind coolers at Kyengera police station.

The now jailed Ronald Mukasa

A delighted Chris Evans disclosed to this reporter saying that he had hunted for these fake Facebook impersonators for close to two years but his efforts always went in vain.

Luckily enough, last week the ‘Ndikusasulaki’ singer managed to imprison one of  four of these Facebook fraudsters who always pretended to be his (Kaweesi) manager. 

Kaweesi also revealed more information adding that these guys had gone far to an extent of dating girls, asking them sex plus their nude photos and eventually demanded for money not to expose their nude pictures on social media platforms.

Ronald Mukasa down on both knees pleading for forgiveness 

Below is singer Chris Evans Kaweesi full post

After many operations that did not succeed, let me thank Kyengera police station wch has finally caught one of d crooks (mukasa Ronald) that has been running some of the fake facebook accounts in my name.

This guy corns people pretending to be my manager, thru his fake page, akwana abawala, then asks them to sleep with my brother, so wen u accept, this is the guy u wd meet to sleep with. Mbu he is the brother that Evans was talking about. I mean as u are chating with “chris evans kaweesi” he wd request u to sleep with his “brother”,

He asks gals for nude pics and after getting them, he asks for money so that he (Chris Evans Kaweesi)doesn’t share them on social media.

He was found in a guest house in kyengera with a gal who he thought was business as usual.

These crooks are about 4 but at least we hv got one. They have done so much to tarnish my name.

At times he posts that he wants gals to work in a hotel, supermarket, or feature in a video. Then after two days, such posts are deleted.

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