25th September being the World One-Hit Wonder Day, Jose Chameleone has hit straight at the artistes who enjoyed the shortest span in the limelight by counting his blessings that have kept him at the helm for over two decades.

A one-hit wonder is any entity that achieves mainstream popularity and success for a very short period of time, often for only one piece of work, and becomes known among the general public solely for that momentary success.

In the Ugandan entertainment industry, we have had artistes that have swept the airwaves with their first song. A hit that became an instant favorite for everyone, but their next projects tend to fall on deaf ears.

By now you should have a few names going through your mind. Keep them right there, let’s not cause trouble.

Jose Chameleone on the other hand is the total opposite of the above mentioned. Since his first song that introduced him to the active music scene, the Leone Island Music Empire CEO has never looked back.

Jose Chameleone surfs the crowds

A favorite to many for close to two decades with major hit songs, album sales, and a couple of controversial moments of course that dominate his career. All he has achieved is a dream for many artistes. The favor, the fans, the awards, and other achievements – he is grateful.

On a day like this, he takes u down the memory lane with images from 2004 when he performed for mammoth crowds at the FFB Stadium in Burundi. In his post, he takes a swipe at the one-hit wonders asking fans to tag those artistes who did not live to experience the greatness he has.

Well, who would you tag on your list?

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