Albeit mammoth numbers turning up at Lugaflow rapper Gravity Omutujju’s ‘Embuzi Zakutudde’ concert last weekend, word spreading is that the singer was left heavily indebted.   

Gravity, real name Gereson Wabuju, is apparently said to be choking on an eight (8) million shillings debt.

Gravity thrilling fans during his Embuzi Zakutudde concert

This information was disclosed after the singer was reported to have fallen out with one of the organizers of the concert when Gravity dropped his microphone like a hot potato on stage and left it damaged.

So, in efforts to try ask the singer to repair the damaged microphone instead Gravity is said to have abused the organiser something that pissed him off and started demanding his money to.

Gravity in all black at Embuzi Zakutudde concert 

The reason to why the ‘Broken English’ singer dropped the microphone to the extent of leaving it damaged was that it was not working well as he expected, something which was causing a dull performance during his time on stage.

However, critics have it that Gravity threw down the microphone after he had failed to perform live as he had earlier on asked the organisers. But it should be remembered that last year Gravity performed live from start to end.

Gravity standing tall during his concert

Unfortunately, by the time we tried to reach him on his number, he was unavailable but we will keep you posted when we get his feedback about the claims.

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