His talent cannot be doubted but Richard Kasendwa a.k.a Ziza Bafana took a long break off the active music scene raising reports from media about his possible ‘retirement’ from music. He says he only took a break and fellow artistes should emulate.

Well as you could argue it out that poor management, indolence, failure to evolve with the trends, and many other factors can lead to any artiste’s dip in relevance, other artistes intentionally choose to stay away from the active entertainment scene.

We could mention various names of those artistes whose music we last heard five or more years ago, but Ziza Bafana, even in abstentia, has slotted in a new song or video whenever we are just about to scrap him off our lists of favorites.

Ziza Bafana

In his own words, he declines to share the thought that; whenever a singer has no new release on the market, it means that they have ‘faded’ and are slowly losing their grip on relevance.

Ziza Bafana takes an example of global music icons, Lil Wayne in particular, who spend years without a single new song but return and take back what was once their spot in the music ranks.

The singer now advises fellow artistes to occasionally take the much required break so as to refresh their ideas and discover new ideas they can add onto their brands and music.

Read more of Ziza Bafana’s message below;

Does he have a point?

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