Always replacing a famous and a good hard working  team of presenters on a television set is something that comes with its own wave of pressure.

As you read this, it is exactly what the new team of Spark TV Live Wire presenters faced yesterday on their debut show .

Precious Rimmie

The pair of Gabie Bridget Ntaate and Precious Rimmie came under fire after a number of fans threw negative comments about their presenting abilities.

With the negative comments aside, the pair who are filling in the shoes of the departed babbling gossip queens Annatalia Oze and Zahara Totto if put on a scale they had quite a good show.

Below are some of the reactions from fans that this website managed to scroll through.

A PASS : ‘Osobola okwogela nga towoganye, it’s very possible’, he wrote.

Winnie Wix Akiror : ‘Omg wat is this?? They shd just bring back Caroline at least she can do better’, she jotted.

Masi Miriam : ‘Stop copying other people’s style you lady in black your copying Ann’s style, Do your own thing tuja kwagalilayo’, she mocked and at the same time advised Gabie.

Kas Vice Victor : ‘You are trying but be true and original.. don’t copy the other girls!! Be your own brand and come up with another style’, he dotted down his opinion.  

Milley Mylez: ‘Hahahaha Gud nyt for sure wanno waganye see you next week’, he commented.

Nana Conchepter Victoria : ‘This program is about celebs gossip bano needa Where is Anna and Zahara’, she penned her view.

Marah Martha : ‘Zahara totto which station are you now…me will follow… these ones are fake’, she lamented.

Kennth N Polly : ‘This month no salary trials just’, he joked.

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