Singer Weasel Manizo a.k.a Topbwoi, while at the just climaxed Blankets and Wine show over the weekend expressed that when this year ends he will drink like fish. 

Weasel, who was in somber a mood revealed as according to an audio clip this reporter landed on saying that when he wraps up this year, he will sit down and hold a big bottle of whisky plus some eats then sit down and get to cool off from this year’s stress.

Weasel Topbwoi on stage doing what he does best

The ‘Mpa Love’ singer made the renouncement after learning about the death of the Headmistress who was running the late Mowzey Radio school that was catering for the underprivileged children.

 This year has been so hectic, troublesome, rough, tough and if so the worst of all for me. When it ends I will need to get a big bottle of whisky and buy some eats so that I can cool off this stress.

Weasel said
The late Mowzey Radio and Weasel Topbwoi

Weasel had to perform at the event but ended up not performing because of the sad news that had landed into his ears, and more rumor had it that he also feared to be arrested by a one promoter Kaliba Paul who is not tirelessly hunting for him.

Promoter Kaliba a few days ago he again arrested Chagga for allegedly faulting to pay his money for the damages caused by revelers when the then Goodlyfe crew failed to show up at a concert he had booked them on  Christmas day 2017.

Chagga who was jailed by Kaliba but then later released

Kaliba claims that he had paid the then duo a sum of 2.5 million shillings and now due to time wasted and damages that were caused the camp were ordered by court to pay 18 million shillings to the promoter and as of now the promoter received only nine million and wants his balance finished.

With the way how the promoter is at their necks, this has prompted to keep Weasel in hideouts fearing to be arrested and detained.

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