Last weekend singer Weasel pounced on Kfm radio Dj Fly Manster and rained him with a couple of blows and slaps while at night hangout at Bugatti lounge in Ntinda.

The fight took place at round 2am in the wee hours of the night after Weasel turned unruly as he took to the Dj’s box and grabbed a microphone and started to hurl lots of insults towards Dj Fly.

In the video clip with muted sound Dj Fly kept calm and quiet something that annoyed Weasel the more and took the matters in his own hands and out of the blue he started raining blows and slaps in the Dj’s face.

Immediately a close bouncer ran to Dj Fly’s rescue who also literally survived just by a whisker to be pummeled by the ‘Mpa Love’ singer.

Meanwhile, the latest development coming from Dj Fly music camp indicates that Fly Music will no longer play any Goodlyfe songs until Weasel comes out in public and asks for forgiveness.

Below is DJ Fly Manster full statement as he wrote.


Hi every one am here by informing you that fly music group will no longer play goodlife music just because of the actions that weasle used last night at Bugatti lounge ntinda. Goodlife never paid me to play there music and I have no any contract with them to play there music , the same apply to any other Musican in the country, the act ov beating up Dj’s should stop. A Musican comes to a bar and he wants u to play his or her music from were he or she started from not minding that their people who came to party and for getting that u are paid a lot ov money to entertain the bar. If have played 2,3,4 of ur music please accept that.

We have people who follow us and we know what they want so please stop stressing us. Mr. Weasle until when u apologize to mi that’s when I will play your music again. Every one has his or her own test right so we have to play some ov foreign music just because even our music is played in those foreign countries.

To my funs thankx for the love , keep on the sprite. The straggle continues. For God and my country. #people power.

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