Gagamel International CEO Bebe Cool thinks that some Ugandans have adamantly failed to see any good in their president who he personally thinks is a good man who deserves much respect.

We all know how it is hard to meet any leader of state. With guards and different official always around them, it becomes really hard but how did Bebe Cool and other people achieve that?

Heavily Guarded: President Museveni

Bebe Cool believes it is through his hard work that he managed to meet the president and urges fellow youths to do the same to meet the man who he describes as ‘a good man who deserves respect’.

President Museveni attended Bebe Cool’s concert

The singer posted a video on Instagram of a young man who tried to access President Museveni as he addressed a gathering and was stopped by the presidential guards.

The president however told them to let him through so that he would hear what the young man had to say. Interestingly, the man only wanted to get next to Museveni and his wish was granted.

Bebe Cool’s caption to the video read;

When I see this kind of love from this young man, I wish everyone would meet this hard working old man with a vision but it’s hard because of his office. Hate, disobedience, and miss guidance that many innocent youths/Ugandans have may have come as a result of not being able to meet him but am sure those like me and this guy who meet him through all the struggle know and feel how good he is. HE IS A GOOD MAN and he deserves full RESPECT.

Bebe Cool/Instagram

Well, there is some truth in that.

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