On the night of Saturday 6th October, Ugandan fans turned rowdy and vandalized property at the Royal Regency hall in London where Vinka was expected to perform.

The actual reasons behind these violent acts are still being investigated but most fingers point to Jose Jobs Links, the events organizer who they say charged a lot of money and yet failed to deliver the expected.

According to different sources, the concert was expected to be graced by the Ebonies comedy group, and a few Ugandan singers including Swangz Avenue’s Vinka, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Carol Nantongo, among others.

Vinka and Carol Nantongo in London

None of the above however stepped on stage to perform on the night because of what Vinka has described as violation of contractual obligations by the events promoter.

The Omukwano Gwo singer says that Jobs failed to manage the event program well which left revelers confused and dissatisfied with long opening acts. Their patience however ran out and they were seen vandalizing property in protest of the poor show organization.

It has been confirmed that a few arrests were made and charges pressed in connection to vandalizing property.

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