Ugandan musician turned legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is set to lead the delegation of youth Members of Parliament to Kenya for the Moi Day celebrations. Moi Day is a public holiday in Kenya. Celebrated on October 10, it honored former Kenyan President Daniel Moi despite not being recognized as a public holiday since 2010. However this year, the Government of Kenya has chosen to follow last year’s court orders to recognize the day and gazette it as a public holiday.

Ugandan legislators; Anne Adeke, Robert Kyagulanyi and Jimmy Akena

The delegation will be in Kenya for a five-day official visit and Bobi Wine’s invitation was extended by Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association as “out of profound respect for the role he is playing in inspiring young people across the continent” 

Kenyan politician and legislator took to Twitter to announce the development

We wish the legislators a productive visit to the neighbouring Kenya.

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