Sharline Nabulime commences her duties as leader of Waltham City Council

Ugandan born Sharline Nabulime commenced her duties as City Councillor of the City of Waltham in Massachusets, USA on 10th October 2018.

Sharline Nabulime beat Sean Durkee to win the Waltham City Council seat over two weeks ago when she registered 56% of the total vote tally during the elections that attracted 684 voters.

The newly elected leader said that she is honored and humbled to start her work as the city Councillor after having taken the oath of office at City Hall. She was administered by lifelong Waltham resident Terri Orr.

Back home in Uganda, Sharline has been upheld as one of the top inspirations for most females looking at taking lead roles in positions which were previously reserved for men.

We wish her the very best of her new challenge.

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