Bold artistes everywhere making the boldest moves with the boldest conditions. That is when you know you are in Uganda. Allan Toniks has also made a request to jump on the Kanye West collaboration.

Asking for a collaboration from a global music icon has never been a shameful feat. It is very okay, but when it comes with conditions of having their spouses in your music video it becomes a bit of an overstep.

Allan Toniks

That exactly is what Ugandan R&B singer Allan Toniks is proposing as a condition in order to jump on a collabo with Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian

The Ensonga singer wants Kim Kardashian to appear in the video if Kanye West ever okays his request to collaborate with him.

The American celebrity couple is in Uganda as Kanye works on his new album.

With Bebe Cool, Ykee Benda, and several other artistes waiting in line, what makes Toniks think his request with such conditions will be respected?

Well, we await to see how Kanye will react to all these.

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