American computer programmer and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has been impressed by rapper Kanye West’s periscope video in which the star freestyled some of his songs.

Kanye is currently in Uganda with Kim Kardashian on a mini-holiday – one he is also using to shoot a couple of videos for his upcoming album “Yandhi.”

Dorsey – who is a close friend of Kanye – called the videos “beautiful” after the star had gone live on his Twitter page on Sunday evening at Chobe Safari Lodge in North Western Uganda.

While draping the Uganda flag around his shoulders, Kanye mimes pre-recorded sounds in the video before strolling in front of his makeshift studio in meditation mood.

Jack and the Chicago artist have often shared about issues pertaining social media.

Kanye in fact wants Jack to consider his proposal of removing the numbers displaying follower and like counts on Twitter because he believes the statistics screw with users’ self-image.

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