Do you think it gives you class when you arrive in a taxi and the first thing to ask is help me with 300 shillings I pay my taxi is waiting outside? Celebrated Kenyan songstress Akothee has advised young people to live within their means.

Esther Akoth a.k.a Akothee a.k.a Madam Boss is one of the most inspirational female artistes in East Africa. Her music and lifestyle have set an exemplary figure for the young generation to emulate.

Many people from around East Africa pick inspiration from her real life story which she confesses was not a bed of roses. She hustled hard to get to the position she currently is.

Akothee has worked really hard to attain the wealth she posesses

Having gone through both ends of life, Akothee knows exactly what it takes for an ordinary young person to live in East Africa. It is with her experience that she advises the youth to start small and exercise patience in life.

She believes that the mentality of desiring quick wealth is very wrong because that is how the youth have continuously accumulated debts which in the end only make their financial situations tougher.

She has earned the life she lives

Akothee also urges young girls to work hard and make their own money instead of looking out for sponsors and sugar daddies to facilitate their expensive lifestyles which they pretend to live just to impress their followers on social media.

“People misinterpret this fake it till you make it proverb. It’s not as direct as young girls think, life is full of responsibility outside shoshomidia. THINK!!!”


She does have a point! Doesn’t she?

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