Ugandan rapper Navio has been roasted on social media for posting a photo-shopped picture of American super star Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian licking the rolex.

The Twegalire singer took to his social media platforms and posted the photo captioned, “Lunch time #Rolex #SoUG“, with the two celebrities seemingly licking the popular Ugandan delicacy.


For some reason, this did not go down well with his followers as they fired back at the rapper and below are some of the reactions from his fans.

Stanley Gumisiriza Joachim: “Navio,  I didn’t expect you posting that photo shopped shit”

Nsubuga Joseph: “Navio is also this stupid”

Isabellah Obedgiu: “Tacos”

Mat Jessy Jay: “Tell them it is not ice cream”

Sam Starter: “Many ways of asking a collabo”, he mocked at Navio

Kyazze Aminah: “Licking Rolex or eating or posesing”, she wondered

Chris Lampard: “He need to test Tonto as well”

Jamal Bbuye: “Are you the one posting this bro?”, he queered

Mc Shadrack Shaban: “These people must be Ugandans or Rwandans!!!”, he commented

Da Nacho Jeje John: “Let them eat but they should save for OTT”, he jotted.

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