A new hairstyle to match his upcoming fresh music vibes? We don’t know yet but we do love Ykee Benda‘s new hairstyle. Could it be the first hint of him rebranding?

It is alright to always make a few changes in anybody’s life. For a celebrity, it is recommended that every once in a while, you switch up in your appearance, art, lifestyle, and anything else that you can use to refresh your image.

Ykee Benda recently held a meeting with his team which includes music promoters, close friends, and diehard fans to brainstorm on a few ideas which could help him onto the next step in his career.

Away from the music, he must have felt the need to change his image. Since joining the industry, we have seen several hairstyles from Ykee Benda, and at some point the bold head seems to have overstayed.

He now has a lining of hair in the middle of his head, or should we call it a mohawk? Whatever you call that hairstyle, ladies might end up falling for it as well.

Different Angles: Ykee Benda’s new mohawk

We are aware that Ykee Benda is lining up a storm of major hits as we draw closer to his maiden concert slated for 2019. A switch in the brand image comes in handy.

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