Wait, what? What did she think? Who had changed Irene Ntale‘s perception about the male species? After all anyway, the songstress seems to have finally found the man of her life.

Having grown up around females, Irene Ntale’s dealings with men seem to have only bore the bad fruits – until now. Her manager too is a female by the way, and her own blood sister.

The only men she worked with for a longtime ended up robbing her social media and YouTube accounts, throwing her in a deeper pit prior to the start of her solo career.

All the bad perception about men however seems to be on its way to the past after Irene Ntale met a ‘good’ man after all these years. The Miss Kateteeyi singer revealed this to her fans and followers.

Well, she keeps unchaining herself from her past every other day. The questions now start pouring in; Who is this man? When is the wedding? Is he the reason why she spent several months in the USA? Is she indeed pregnant like several rumors suggested (basing on her gained body weight)?

We shall know very soon!

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