You know better when you work with the best. Uganda’s biggest record label Swangz Avenue seem to have gained much more than they expected by working with American music icon Kanye West.

Swangz revealed that working with rapper Ye, commonly known as Kanye West, for five days opened their eyes and has changed their perception on music at a global level in many ways.

 The studio was setup in a dorm

The statement furthermore disclosed how rapper Ye is very willing to work with Ugandan’s on talent development as well as in Africa at large.

Kanye wants to work with us on talent development in Africa and we are looking forward to this new working relationship.

Swangz Avenue

Below is Swangz Avenue’s full post.


Marking our 10 year anniversary, still abit fatigued from what many reviewed as the biggest concert of the last decade, we were focused on setting up our new offices at our new location on 3rd Street Industrial Area.

Having put off this for 2 months to allow us get Allstar concert out of the way, October was the time to finish setting up our new studios. What we did not anticipate is that we would instead be setting up studios for Kanye West to record his album.

When Tshaka called and asked we check our emails for a project, it was a small request with us providing a few things. Everything started snowballing there after to us having to set up not one but 4 studios. Which later became 6 recording studios. This of-course later made sense after we received a team of 50 people that included engineers, chefs, his Wife Kim and Daughter plus other musicians.

Production work started the moment he arrived. This alone is another story for another day.

Working with Kanye West for the 5 days while he was here opened our eyes on how we do business and our perception on Music at a global level. Kanye wants to work with us on talent development in Africa and we looking forward to this new working relationship.

We would like to thank Jaaja Mayanja for always throwing in a good word and being a good shepherd. Sebo ndowoza tetwakuswaza. Jazz Safari 
Our production partners at BUZZ Events @gemi live, @silk events, H-sounds, @Live gigs, Vibes and everyone at Swangz Avenue.

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